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Shirts Fit for a Thief

UD - Jack Robie In recent months, you've heard a lot of terrible things about Wall Streeters.

But we're here to remind you that, despite it all, they still do a few things well. For instance, making shirts.

We're as surprised as you are.

Presenting Jack Robie, a new line of casual shirts from a couple of former Wall Street guys out to prove that gingham is a better investment than mortgage-backed securities. (We hear this is precisely the plot of Wall Street 2.)

These are the kind of iron-be-damned sport shirts that can emerge from your weekend duffel and immediately be ready for oysters and beer in St. Michaels, or a mountaintop fly-fishing and poker escape in West Virginia (the minimum bet is three trout).

Named after Cary Grant's rakish cat burglar in To Catch a Thief, these trim, spread-collar numbers come in all manner of styles and fabrics—a soft orange-and-navy plaid for your weekend jam session with Eddie Vedder, and more starch-worthy options like a blue-and-white-striped cotton number for your meeting with Geithner.

Just don't tell him it's from Wall Street.

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