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Chocolate Chip Disco Mayhem in Lincoln Park

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Right now, outside your very window, important things are happening.

Commodities are being indexed. Futures are being traded. Empires are being built. Also: cookies are being baked.

Introducing Cookie Bar, a new dessert specialist that is about to start a chocolate-chip-fueled frenzy tomorrow in Lincoln Park.

Started by a pair of Hollywood refugees (a screenwriter and an animator), the place looks like the Brady kitchen, but set in Studio 54: bright orange walls, Lucite fixtures, the occasional disco ball and, in the bathroom, a poster of gloriously 'fro'd Pam Grier with her guns a-blazin' (if you know what we mean). Now, just imagine Alice came home after a night of partying with Mick and Liza with a lot of excess energy (again, if you know what we mean).

The first thing you'll notice is the familiar aroma of warm chocolate wafting out onto the sidewalk. There are seven varieties of the chocolate chip alone—nuts, no nuts, etc.—made with fine Belgian dark chocolate tucked into cookies that are crisp on the outside, but gooey in all the places that really matter.

They'll have 18 varieties available every day, and soon milk shots to go with them (belt back the hard stuff: chocolate). Then head into new and strange territory populated by Orange Blossom and Cardamom and Oatmeal Chile-Mango-Macadamia cookies.

You will not be leaving a trail of crumbs behind.


Cookie Bar
2475 N Lincoln Ave
(between Altgeld and Montana)
Chicago, IL, 60614


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