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Your New Favorite Rare Wine Website

You'd never show up empty handed to a holiday party. It's just not your style. But neither is a boring hit-or-miss bottle of wine from the shop down the road.For something a little more unique—and a little more specific to your needs—try BuyersVine, a new wine website that connects you directly to vineyards.

Still in beta, BuyersVine gives you access to great wines from small wineries that never make it to your corner store, unless your corner store is in Sonoma. And drawing from over 100 wineries throughout the country, you've got a selection that would fill Trader Joe's five times over.

To help you find your way through all that inventory, BuyersVine lets you narrow things down through a custom search engine built to find you the specific wine you need. So while you can search wines by standard categories—price, varietal, character (dry, oaky, fresh, round, etc)—the real draw are the more specific tags associated with most bottles—food pairing, perfect occasion, sporting activity, holiday, profession and so on. And since you can combine up to six variables in your search, you can find a bottle for any party—or person.

Just in case you need to find the perfect Riesling for your favorite bocce-playing policeman.

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