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Chimichangas and Chocolate Tamales in River North

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Flaming margaritas. Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots. Barroom burlesque. The recent insanity in River North really must end.

But not before you've gone mano a mano with an 18-inch deep-fried monster that goes by the name The Big Mel. Yes, it's a chimichanga...

Welcome to Dos Diablos, your new Hubbard Street lair for frozen margaritas, sizzling fajitas and a little post-work mayhem starting this Monday.

Despite meals fit for competitive eaters, Dos Diablos is a rather stunning antique-wood-and-hammered-copper cantina, the kind where jewel-toned lanterns swing above the bar. It's a place where John Wayne himself might have been tempted by the soft whir of the frozen margarita machine, and maybe, just maybe, been amused that his whiskey is served in shot glasses that look like tiny beer mugs.

After your long cattle drive in from the office, you'll probably appreciate a menu that's proudly loco: flaming orders of Mexican Saganaki (panela cheese alit with lime and tequila), nachos served in a paella pan and chocolate tamales for dessert. By the way, if you finish that Big Mel in 20 minutes—it's three-and-a-half pounds—they'll rename one of the towns on their wall-size Texas/Mexico map in your honor.

Marfa, you've been warned.

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