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UD - High Point Farms We've seen the future...

And it involves meat. A lot of it. From a cow named Miracle.

We're not kidding.

It all comes down to this: a tiny operation called High Point Farms, based near Ithaca, New York, where you can make your first-ever investment in an actual living, breathing cow, and reap the delicious benefits.

There's something about this, besides the obvious, that we really like. A certain tangible, tasty dividend that's not just some derivative being sold by Goldman Sachs or traded on the Asian credit default swap market.

This is the ground-floor opportunity you've been waiting for to get in on the edible cattle exchange, in perfect time for BBQ season—think free-range heifers given names like Caylynn, born and raised outdoors, grazing in fields, mooing at various farmers' daughters passing by... until that bittersweet day when your investment "matures."

And then, every other week, High Point will make the 250-mile drive from Ithaca to the East Village, where your dividends will be delivered in the form of steaks, ground beef and, yes, even hot dogs. And as part of the investment package, you'll get an option on farm-raised chicken and pig. Consider it good diversification.

But if you're looking for a pure-play, note the option to exclusively enter the beef market with quarter- and even half-cow buy-ins.

And we know you can't turn down a good half-cow buy-in.


High Point Farms
9448 State Route 96
Trumansburg, NY, 14886

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