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Suits, ties, Excel spreadsheets. All very good. All very typical Wednesday afternoon.

Tattooed ladies, little people juggling knives, silent-film erotica. All very typical Thursday night. At least, starting tomorrow.

Welcome to The Shady Lady, debuting for friends and family tomorrow in River North. 

Imagine a three-ring rock-and-roll circus with Dita Von Teese as the ringmaster. Come after work, get comfortable amid the visual cacophony of vintage freak-show canvases, bordello-style fringe, and a light dinner of steak frites, green chili and fried egg burgers, and bourbon milkshakes. Then hold tight.

As the night unfolds, things take a turn for the rowdy. The DJ's tunes get louder. The girls, sweatier. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, you'll hear some commotion over at that platform in the back... Why, it's a little person tossing cutlery. Or maybe it's a burlesque artiste twirling her pasties. Maybe it's a renowned Chicago-based rocker (who shall remain nameless) doing a blink-and-you-missed-it performance for opening weekend. Who can say? But as quickly as it started... show's over, folks.

To clear your head after such mind-boggling moments, wander down to the VIP-only confines of the basement, where hand-crafted cocktails and walls lined with photos culled from Edison-era stag films await.

You always knew those two went well together.

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