6 Columbus Blue Ribbon Sushi

Hello Again, Columbus

Sushi and Fried Chicken in Midtown

There have been a lot of good pairs through the ages—wine and cheese, Hall and Oates, and, of course, sushi and fried chicken.

But there's always room for improvement.

Opened last night at Six Columbus, Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar and Grill brings together the best of its two concepts—the sushi and the brasserie—in the first uptown outpost of the downtown empire. And we suggest you take advantage of both the surf and the turf.

For surf, peek through the glass at the sushi bar and check out the offerings: everything from sardines and jellyfish to whole maine lobster sashimi and a full omakase course. For turf, you've got the Blue Ribbon fare made famous on Sullivan Street, but with an asian twist. You'll get your strip steak with asian broccoli, and the classic Blue Ribbon Style Fried Chicken comes in a wasabi and honey sauce, satisfying both your hunger and your curiosity about Japanese-Southern fusion.

And it's all set up in the shiny new 6 Columbus. Walk in through the lobby, skip the front bar and head to the back room, with the tables, chairs, walls and floors all decked out in austere walnut. A traditional sushi bar anchors the space, but the real action is at the semiprivate 20-person banquet area in the back, as well as a plush eight-seat booth set into the wall. Of course, you could always just stay in the room.

But then there's no chance of making a pairing of your own.


6 Columbus Blue Ribbon Sushi
308 W 58th St.
(between 8th and 9th)
Midtown West
New York, NY, 10019

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