The Temple Bar

Dublin Down

Your New House of Whiskey Worship

The weekend promises to be a kaleidoscopic blur of jelly beans and colored eggs, plus the occasional wayward bunny.

Of course, some Irish whiskey might help with the blurring.

Welcome to The Temple Bar, a new pub for you to worship at the altar of European football, corned-beef sliders and free-flowing Irish booze, opening tonight.

Named for the famous bar-speckled neighborhood in Dublin—where you once spent a rowdy night with Bono debating fair trade and saving the world one Guinness at a time—it replaces Fearon's Pub, whose owners decided to up the ante on their Irish cred.

So they put up a red-lacquered facade outside, covered the inside in dark wood panels, installed some brass-handled taps and generally fostered a new environment for you to feel even more Gaelic as you throw back a flight of whiskeys on the patio.

For dinner there's Guinness stew, naturally. And for Sunday brunch there's a traditional Irish breakfast (i.e., sausage, more sausage and some bacon for garnish). But when Murphy's Irish Stout and Jameson conspire to obscure the line between your breakfasts and dinners, you'll be happy to know those Irish breakfasts are served anytime. In fact, during the World Cup, you can watch the action live if you happen to be up around 6:45am.

Happy hour starts early in Ireland.


The Temple Bar
3001 N Ashland Ave
(at Wellington)
Chicago, IL, 60657


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