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Ever since The Godfather: Part III touched your retinas in the early '90s, you've been well aware that a highly anticipated finale can sometimes be... not so good.

So when you heard Barbara Lynch's third and final act in her Congress Street trilogy was about to hit town, you hoped it would live up to the standard set by Sportello and Drink.

Well... You can stop hoping.

Introducing your first look at Menton, the four-years-in-the-making Fort Point/Barbara Lynch stunner, now taking reservations for its opening next Saturday.

Consider this 60-seat Frenchie your new go-to when you're looking to celebrate a big night, like when a huge deal goes through, or you're entertaining your boss's boss, or you find out Ghost Whisperer has been canceled.

The vibe is upscale-meets-more-upscale, with a living-room-y lounge that feels like you're hanging out in someone's penthouse (note: not your own penthouse, because that would just feel familiar). Plates entail Whole Roasted Squab and Terrene de Foie Gras, and the format is strictly four courses and seven courses. So if you're a three-course person, you might want to pair up...

Or just take your extra foie gras like a man.

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