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The Pink Champagne of Dance Floors

All around, you feel your world being reborn. You can smell it. Taste it. And, for some reason, hear it too...

Welcome to Beauty Bar, opening this Thursday in the former Sonotheque space as a new spot for you to dance your rite of spring. (And yes, they kept that thumping sound system.)

It's part of an NYC-based nightlife juggernaut—with some local ownership from the Empty Bottle guys—but we're going to be up-front with you. The place is pink. Very pink, and very sparkly. Basically, it's a set from Hairspray. But stick with us...

The vintage salon furniture (including the hair-dryer chairs) comes from a New Jersey hair salon, so Snooki's grandmother quite probably got her beehive in one. And while you're familiar with this whole vintage-salon idiom of dance clubs (Big Wig, we hardly knew ye), here's the point: we're predicting this place will be crawling with beautiful women sipping French Flips (mango vodka meets banana liqueur) while having a quick manicure up in front. And where there are pampered women and exotic drinks, interesting things happen.

Grab her hand—careful now, those nails are wet—and lead her to the dance floor. Soon, all the pink colors and the glittery walls and the DJs spinning an array of funky-hipster beats swirl together. You'll feel like you're drowning in a big glass of pink champagne.

Actually, not a bad way to go.


Beauty Bar
1444 W Chicago Ave
(between Ashland and Noble)
Chicago, IL, 60642

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