Daughters of Ireland

Kiss These Women, They're Irish

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As you could probably tell from the green-clad masses, oceans of Guinness and unmistakable scent of leprechaun, it's St. Pat's.

Because you've already consumed your weight in green beer—or if you haven't, you're on your way—let's keep this simple.

Presenting the Daughters of Ireland, a slideshow of the most attractive Irish women this world has to offer. (We'll assume you won't mind if we count Irish-Americans.)

Among them: one news anchor, a model-slash-TV presenter, a couple Miss Universe Irelands (the country's highest honor) and at least one pop singer fond of posing in swimsuits. (In this case, we're all lucky.) To round things out, we've included a handful of old-fashioned models, one of whom is said to be a Mick favorite. (To be clear: we mean Jagger.)

And because St. Pat's is basically the Fourth of July (but with corned beef and Guinness instead of BBQ and fireworks), we went ahead and counted America's finest representations of the species as well. The names Fox, Moynahan and Wilde are involved.

See you on Cinco de Mayo.

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