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EVOO and Za Land in Kendall Square

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Ever since the Spice Girls released their epic masterpiece "2 Become 1," you've been hoping for two things:

That you would never be subjected to the Spice Girls again.

And that someday such a beautiful expression of unity would be applied to a couple of fine upstanding eateries.

Today we can help you with the latter.

Introducing EVOO and Za, two sister restaurants sharing one new Kendall Square roof, now taking reservations for their full opening this Wednesday.

Using the same model that has worked so well for famous duos like Martin-Lewis, Hope-Crosby and Taco Bell-KFC, EVOO and Za are a one-two punch for the sustainable food fan living deep within you. Za soft-opened last week, and EVOO is set to get the locally sourced party started on Wednesday with Concord Grape Glazed Maryland Striped Bass, Braised Lamb With Oatmeal Raisin Croquettes and a rich assembly of craft martinis (ginger, pomegranate, green tea).

So now when you're out with friends in Cambridge and can't decide if it's a pizza/beer night (Za), an upscale organic night (EVOO) or just a night to dine in a completely renovated 90-seat space of reclaimed oak and pine (both), the decision will be that much easier...

Leaving the hard decisions for "Posh Spice vs. Baby Spice" discussions.


EVOO and Za
350 Third St
Cambridge, MA, 02142


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