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Koreatown's Chicken Wing Palace

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Deep in the recesses of Koreatown, underneath a bustling street corner, is a room.

And we're not talking about just any room.

It's here, in this meticulous, stainless steel underground lair, that 40 master chicken brushers diligently ply their trade, day after day, applying sweet-spicy soy garlic sauce by hand to perfectly sized, perfectly twice-fried chicken wings in a sacred ritual so exacting that it yields a product never before seen on this island.

Prepare to meet the chicken wing again for the first time.

Prepare yourself for the chicken dojo that is Kyochon, the original Korean fried chicken chain, touching down in Midtown for your fast-fooding pleasure this Monday.

It's best to keep an open mind when you walk in, as you've likely never seen a fast-food joint like this—two stories of shiny white, red and glass surfaces that add up to a look we can best describe as "futuristic robot bachelor pad chic."

But you're not here for the robots—you're here for the simple pleasure of the chicken wing, twice-fried to remove fat and add flavor, with a side of pickled radishes, a few OB beers and maybe a rice ball or two.

It's the kind of spot that works for a quick lunch, a post-work but pre-night-out happy hour, or a late-night bite if you're shutting down your night before 2am.

Hey, it happens...


319 Fifth Ave
(at 32nd St)
New York, NY, 10016


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