Vicky and Lysander

A Movable Feast

Outsourcing Your Next Dinner Party

UD - Vicky and Lysander The dinner party is a dangerous game.

Occasionally, guests, food, booze and music meld into an evening of glorious camaraderie and spontaneous dance.

But sometimes it just falls flat. Sometimes you need a spark.

Sometimes you need two crazy kids named Vicky and Lysander...

Introducing Vicky and Lysander, a fake hipster couple operating out of Grand Opening on the LES, throwing your next "interactive dinner party" for 12, booking reservations now.

While we may not technically know what an interactive dinner party is, we know this: it involves making a reservation for dinner at the tiny LES storefront that's now decked out like the couple's modern dining room—one single antique 12-person wooden table, a chandelier and a couch in the corner.

The mustachioed Lysander and his "girlfriend" Vicky will greet you as your age-old friends who are just having you over for dinner, and proceed to do whatever you want—spur stimulating dinner conversation or create an evening of frivolity that may include Pictionary, a "Purple Rain" dance party or some amateur fortune-telling.

And since they're taking care of the food—the whole dinner is catered through Mama's soul food restaurant—but not the booze, all you have to bring is a date (or 11 of your friends) and some sauce (we're thinking five magnums of Krug and a case of moonshine should do).

And with that: the first-ever interactive BYOB dinner party is born.


Vicky and Lysander
at Grand Opening
139 Norfolk St
(near Rivington)
New York, NY, 10002

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