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Huge TVs and Jalapeño Margaritas on Washington

It started with a tickle in your throat.

Then this weekend your temp was up, and you were muttering unintelligible things like, "I hope Bode Miller doesn't go all Bode Miller on us."

By today, there's no denying it: you've got full-on Olympic fever.

So we thought we'd find a place for you to behold all the breathtaking pageantry...and the breathtaking Lindsey Vonn-eantry. Introducing Vinyl and Kai, your new den of Olympics enthrallment, now open in South Beach.

Located on a stretch of Washington thick with clubs and pizza joints (and plastered with old vinyl album covers...hence the name), Vinyl is the kind of locals-friendly bar you'll go to when you've overdosed on house DJs and just want some great kai (that's food in New Zealand, the owner's home country).

Grab a cushy wall-booth near one of four massive HD projection screens, order a round of jalapeño margaritas or the improbably named Spitters and Quitters (Jäger, St. Germain, pineapple and cranberry) and settle in for an evening's worth of cheering on Team USA...or Team Sweden...or D-Wade.

And because this Kiwi bar loves Miamians, locals get 20% off every check (just flash your license), and drinks and apps like the Hula Dancer Flatbread are half-off on weekdays from 4-7pm.

That's 10am to 1pm, New Zealand time.


Vinyl and Kai
1131 Washington Ave
Miami Beach, FL, 33139

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