Revolution Brewing

Viva La Revolution

Revolution Brewing Set to Open in Logan Square

You can feel it. Forces are gathering, a mood is stirring. There's a thirst out there...for something.

We're pretty sure it's for beer.

So welcome Revolution Brewing, a new brewpub set to radicalize your drinking options in Logan Square this week.

Housed in an old newspaper printing house—we'll assume some sort of smeared-ink Bolshevik rag—Revolution is a wood-and-iron-clad stronghold for hatching your latest conspiracies over crispy rapini-and-roasted-garlic pizza and a cold pint. Yes, comrade, rapini has been wrested from the bourgeoisie.

When you walk in, you'll probably be drawn toward the back, where four giant copper tanks sit fermenting all kinds of radical notions—or actually, just beer. Tear yourself away and grab a seat at the bar, where enormous, walnut-carved clenched fists hold up the shelves and smaller versions serve as tap handles. Each has a line to the kegs, giving you direct access to Iron Fist (a pale ale), Cross of Gold (a blonde ale), Workingman Mild (a rich brown ale) and Bottom Up Wit (a Belgian).

And while gourmet pizza makes up the bulk of the menu, sometimes there's a hunger that only Thüringer and Jagerwurst sausages, a pork loin served with stuffing and a cranberry compote, or house-smoked chicken wings can satisfy.

And you don't even have to share.


Revolution Brewing
2323 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL, 60647

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