Downstairs at Brighton Beer Garden

The Subterraneans

Brighton Beer Garden's New Lounge

Ah, Brighton.

One of its lasting charms is that when you go out boozing there, you know exactly what your options are: Irish pubs, sports bars or the occasional PBR sidewalk soda.

But sometimes you'd rather just hit up a chill lounge, which entails cabbing it downtown. Until now, that is...

Presenting Downstairs at Brighton Beer Garden, making its triumphant grand opening tonight after testing out its martini legs for a few weeks now.

Longtime Brighton denizens will recall that before Brighton Beer Garden dominated Market Street as the go-to sports pub of the area, it was the Soho restaurant, and Soho actually had a downstairs. Long sealed off by the owners until they realized Brightonians rightly deserved a martini bar/dance space to call their own, the subterranean space has been thoroughly remodeled.

Step in here now and you'll find a DJ booth to supply tunes for the 190 people who can fit down here, wall-length oblong leather booth seating and a whole new lounge vibe to offset the flat-screens and sports screams upstairs.

Not totally abandoning its roots, the 18-seat bar also has plenty of beers on tap for you and your crew, while the new martini-heavy cocktail menu covers your entire fruity White Grape, Key Lime and Black Cherry martini needs.

Assuming one has such needs.

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