Things to do for January 28, 2010

The Weekender

Late-Night Oysters, Aegean Brunch and VIP Hoops

The state of the weekend is strong.

Late-Night Oysters at Beck

Late-Night Oysters at Beck

Your favorite downtown Belgian spot is heeding the call for stimulus, and giving you a destination for late-night aphrodisiacs in the process. After 10:30pm on weekends, feast on half-price oysters and 100-odd Belgian beers. Which pair well with just about anything. But especially oysters.

Thursdays, 10:30pm-1am, Fri-Sat, 10:30pm-1:30am, Brasserie Beck, 1101 K St NW, 202-408-1717

Pork to Fork Class Taking Reservations

Pork to Fork Class Taking Reservations

Greenbranch Farm, quaintly tucked away on the Eastern Shore, is dedicating a weekend to the sublime art of butchering, curing, cooking and generally being one with the pig. They'll walk you through the process, and you'll come through on the other end with 10 pounds of sausage, salami and prosciutto. Which should sustain you until the next pork weekend.

Feb 27-28, $625, Greenbranch Farm, 4973 Nutters Cross Road, Salisbury, MD, call 202-251-8789 to reserve

Register for VIP Hoops on the Hill

Register for VIP Hoops on the Hill

You've always wanted to post up a House Appropriations staffer. Or at least school a coal-industry lobbyist with your crossover. Register for this new Hill-centric hoops league that should include a couple "former senators" and other VIPs—creating the need for a "semi-restricted" gym. Because you don't rebound in an insecure environment.

Begins mid to late February, Saturdays, Georgetown Law Center, 600 New Jersey Ave NW, call 202-244-2255 for registration info

Greek Brunch at Kellari Taverna

Greek Brunch at Kellari Taverna

This downtown Greek newcomer just got...brunchier. Restoring you to normalcy after Saturday night—Greek Toast with candied walnuts and honey, pita with crabmeat and poached eggs, and spinach-and-feta frittatas with oregano fries. If you ask nicely, they'll make your Bloody Mary with ouzo.

Caviar/Vodka Menu at KenCen

Caviar/Vodka Menu at KenCen

Nothing wrong with Russian dance, but there's also nothing wrong with making the experience a bit more...authentic. Drop by the Roof Terrace preshow for the Russian menu: Osetra caviar, sturgeon, salmon, crème fraîche gnocchi and lots of beets. Your first vodka is gratis. We hear that's what inspired Tchaikovsky.

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