The Real McCoy

Introducing the New and Improved Hatfield's

UD - Hatfield's These days, just hanging on is an admirable feat.

But when a revered favorite is actually expanding, you know there's something special going on. Welcome to the bold new incarnation of Hatfield's, now taking dinner reservations for its Monday debut.

Formerly tucked into a sliver of a dining room where Eva now resides, the Michelin-starred Hatfield's has come out of hiding in a big way—with an open, airy, plant-life-y new Melrose space nearly twice the size of the original.

Take a seat under the large geometric lantern (it represents the chemical composition of honey...something you've always been curious about eating underneath) if you want a view of the open kitchen and your fellow diners. Or for more intimacy there's the conservatory at the front, with a living wall of air plants.

All your new-American favorites are here—the Croque Madame With Prosciutto and Hamachi from Mr. Hatfield, the Sugar and Spice Beignets with chocolate fondue and a milkshake shot from the Mrs.—but with a kitchen larger than a shot glass, they can also now crank out tasting menus, a seasonal prix fixe and plenty of vegetarian-friendly items.

Perhaps most importantly, there's also room for a gleaming bar and lounge, with its own menu of Braised Short Rib Reubens and Pork Belly Skewers With Maple-Vinegar Glaze, to be ordered with a Peruvian Cooler (gin, Canton, Peruvian barley tea).

Don't worry, you can still see the honey chandelier.


6703 Melrose Ave
(west of Highland)
Los Angeles, CA, 90038

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