The Golden Bull

The Golden Bull Is Now the Chophouse You Always Wanted It to Be

A 69-Year-Old Seaside Restaurant Is Hitting Its Groove

By Hadley Tomicki ·
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There's this great new hangout off PCH you've got to check out.

Just opened by the beach... in 1949.

It's the Golden Bull, but not like the one you may remember. Or imagined while driving by the millionth time but never quite stepping inside. It's now reopen for your every coastal chophouse need after a significant refresh from the Ashland Hill, OP Café and Margo's crew. 

Everything's been upgraded: the dining room, the menu, the spirits behind your martinis and Old Fashioneds and, naturally, the purveyors supplying ribeye and lamb chops to the kitchen's shiny new Jean-Georges vet.

Thankfully, they've left the bar alone, so it still has that soul-stirring, real-LA vibe that you really only see these days when re-watching Jackie Brown. That's where you'll do Manhattans and drafts with friends after work, sharing stools and stories with charismatic and/or famous and/or inebriated neighborhood regulars.

But now you can totally bring a date here for dinner without a sideways glance. The dining room comes strapped in requisite chophouse black leather booths with laudable bull-based artwork overhead.

Start with a walk on the beach. Then proceed with great wines, hand-cut steak tartare with Fresno chili, citrus-poached shrimp cocktail and 16 ounces of bone-in ribeye. Later, more beach.

And speaking of great vino, they have a wine society of sorts. People stash gems from their private collections here, which become available on a special menu for those in the know, allowing access to often-unobtainable wines.

You've always appreciated the taste of unobtainability.

Hadley Tomicki

Hadley Tomicki lives in Los Angeles. He is probably going nowhere on the 10 Freeway this very second.


The Golden Bull
170 W Channel Rd
Santa Monica, CA, 90402


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