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New Comfort Food in the Back Bay

You love the Back Bay for what it is: shops, high-end restaurants, zero parking (okay, scratch that last one).

But up until now, your list of go-to spots for reliable comfort food has been decidedly light. And as "comfort food" and "light" never go well together, one place has boldly stepped up to fill the void...

Introducing Six Burner, the new comfort-food pit stop in the former Firefly location, now open on Dartmouth Street.

Think of Six Burner as the kind of place that restores one's spirit after stepping out of Back Bay Station after a bruising commuter rail trek. Although the management is the same, everything else is different. The new menu features Six Burner Meatloaf With Stout Gravy and Grilled Kobe Beef Hot Dogs With Fries, the interior has been transformed with new communal booths and tables, and there's a remodeled bar area with more open space for you to devour Guinness and Chipotle Braised Pot Roast or even weekend brunch (think: Banana Cinnamon Pancakes).

And when the warm weather lands, the outdoor patio will be ideal for you and about 49 friends to sit streetside while knocking back bottles of Vermont organic oatmeal stout or Six Burner Martinis with house-made chili-infused vodka, brown sugar and fresh ginger.

Nothing signals the end of the workday quite like a bowl of chili-infused vodka.

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