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You like this side of the Bay.

All the more so with recent S-curve...challenges.

But there are a few things that may get you to brave the bridge—like blister-crusted pizzas, or bourbon flights with Southern fried chicken.

And now, we want to inform you about another—the spot for your next unusually celebratory and eclectic night out, Era Art Bar and Lounge, opening this weekend in Oakland's Uptown district.

This massive space combines a turn-of-the-century cocktail den with a modern art gallery and nightclub—which at first blush sounds a little schizophrenic. And it is, but it's a high-functioning and nattily outfitted schizophrenic, one from the 1890s who draws a mean cocktail.

After a few tequila-sherry doused Rey Ratons, take a moment to explore the abstract paintings arranged in the high-ceilinged gallery space. If the DJ is spinning and the tequila is doing its job, you might move on to the connected dance floor flanking the main bar, or settle in to the real gem: the pre-Prohibition-style lounge upstairs, perfect for finishing out the night. Make reservations for a section of tufted leather sofas arranged like mini living rooms throughout. There's a private bar in the corner, but don't get up—a personal server is on hand to fetch your drinks all night long.

No word on if he makes house calls.


Era Art Bar and Lounge
19 Grand Ave
(at Broadway)
Oakland, CA, 94612


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