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UD - RadioTuna Somewhere out there, someone knows what you should be listening to.

And not in a "you should maybe add some alt-country to your iPod" kind of way. In a "you need to be listening to Spoon right this very second" kind of way.

And this might surprise you: that person might be a sultry-voiced, rock-obsessed DJ from Papua New Guinea.

Introducing RadioTuna, your new dial for getting instant gratification from the online radio stations of the world, in beta now.

Think of it as a giant tuner for (almost) every online radio station in the world. Go to the site, type in (for example) "Vampire Weekend," and you'll see every station that's playing the band at this exact moment.

Or you can type in your favorite genre (we're just saying "rhythmic noise" is an option), and you'll get a list of stations that cater to you—from Russia's biggest zydeco enthusiasts to "the Netherlands' nonstop alternative station," with its endless fondness for Iron Maiden. Either way, you'll see a breakdown of recently played bands, top artists for each station and extensive info on what's playing right now.

And then, the magic happens—the DJ follows up your beloved Spoon with some forgotten (but great) '70s band, and then explains the connection between the two with an endearing Norwegian accent.

And you enjoy the unpredictable, visceral pleasure of listening to an actual radio station, programmed by human beings.

We've won this round, robots.

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