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Introducing Your Anti-Resolutions

The New Year is imminent, and resolutions will kick in—fiscal responsibility, healthy living and other such harbingers of extreme boredom. Which means you've got about a week to abandon all sense of morality and wisdom. Now is the time for anti-resolutions.

UD - Extremely Rare Sportraits

Extremely Rare Sportraits

Prize snaps from the Annenberg's new Leifer/Iooss exhibit are available for purchase—so you could rebuild your 401(k), or you could drop a few grand on a mesmerizing image of Ali towering over Liston in your living quarters. (Also: Michael Jordan's hand, actual size.) Decisions, decisions.

UD - Drowning in Beer Cocktails

Drowning in Beer Cocktails

Instead of doing thousands of crunches, there's still time to build a different kind of six-pack. Head toward Essex to sample all three of their new beer cocktails, twice. Start with the Drunken Malum, with Floris Apple beer, bourbon, diced apples and a streudel-rimmed glass.

UD - Petrossian's Most Extravagant Caviar

Petrossian's Most Extravagant Caviar

You've been meaning to dial down your dinners a bit. But before that all gets underway, you should know that the shiny new expanded Petrossian cafe wouldn't be opposed to bringing you out some of the good stuff—as in briny, wild-caught Tsar Imperial Sevruga caviar at 30 grams for $428. There is no reason for this. And yet.

UD - The Opposite of Focusing on Yourself

The Opposite of Focusing on Yourself

Sometimes you need to step back from your little black book and take some time for quiet introspection. And sometimes you just need to melt your plastic on a wildly impractical sex chair.

UD - How to Waste Your Afternoons

How to Waste Your Afternoons

You could finally get around to writing that great American novel. (By which we mean screenplay treatment.) Or you could be wasting endless hours reading Sex and the 405—it's the online equivalent of Sex and the City.

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