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Blogging, Sans Hassle

UD - Posterous There's much going on in the world.

And up until now, pontificating on the events of the day meant sitting down and firing up your own blog. Which takes time. You need someone that will do the posting for you. 

Presenting Posterous, your new means to be heard online, requiring none of the basic hassles involved with starting your own blog from scratch. 

To get up and running, all you need to do is send an email here (works with Gmail, AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo), replacing the subject line with a post title of your choosing, and filling the body of the email with whatever musings simply must be absorbed by the masses (venting about a coworker, second-guessing Belichick, etc.). Posterous receives your genius, and within moments posts it on a bare-bones blog—just for you. From there you can register the blog in your name and customize the layout as you see fit. 

Should the power of your precious thoughts not be enough, you can also send along MP3s, images, videos or links to other sites as part of the post (you're a multimedia kind of person), so think of Posterous as your new web developer who does all the technical grunt work associated with running your own web empire. 

Now if only you could email someone to visit your in-laws…

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