Things to do for December 17, 2009

The Weekender

Live Sushi, Free Shaves and Meat Delivery

The weekend prefers to speak off-the-record.

Socarrat Spawns a Wine Bar

Socarrat Spawns a Wine Bar

Maybe you're still reeling from your last run-in with Socarrat's heaping piles of sizzling paella deliciousness, but they request permission to help you wash it down with a huge new armada of Spanish wine. Socarrat Bar de Vinos, its new adjacent offshoot, opens today, promising "a bullfight in your mouth." Okay, we made that up, but we're pretty excited anyway.

A Wet Shave at Tommy Guns
Face Time

A Wet Shave at Tommy Guns

LES barbershop Tommy Guns introduces classic wet shaves, for those times when even the 38-microblade Machismo Vortex razor fails you. They're offering a free shave to the first five guys who make a reservation on Saturday or Sunday. Limit one per customer, so don't try coming back later with a fake mustache.

Tommy Guns, mention UD when making appt, 138 Ludlow St, 212-477-1151 or email here

Fleisher's Begins Meat Deliveries
Road Trip

Fleisher's Begins Meat Deliveries

Sometimes you need a ton of meat on short notice. So it's good to have a meat guy who delivers. Fleisher's deliveries to your door won't begin until after the holidays, but order by noon Saturday and you can pick it up yourself downtown on Sunday. Imagine the looks on the children's faces when you bring home $126 worth of kielbasa.

Maialino Does Breakfast

Maialino Does Breakfast

Danny Meyer's Gramercy trattoria has taken things one meal at a time, until now serving only dinner. Monday it will add breakfast, with items such as fried egg and porchetta ciabatta sandwiches, and ricotta pancakes. Lunch arrives in January, at which point Maialino will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Maialino, 2 Lexington Ave (at 21st St), 212-777-2410

Tuesday Night Live
Fresh Test

Tuesday Night Live

Chef David Bouhadana's hard-to-find LES sushi spot announces "Tuesday Night Live," in which a diverse community of octopus, abalone, pen shell, scallop orange clams and surf clams meet their untimely demise right in front of your eyes, before finding their way to your mouth. Management warns that there may be some twitching.

Sushi UO, 151 Rivington St (btwn Clinton and Suffolk), 2nd floor, 212-677-5470

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