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UD - packagetrackr This just in: it's a hectic time of year. 

With all the holiday partying to fit in between your regular debauchery, you're also monitoring gifts being shipped to you from web orders, as well as gifts you're shipping to loved ones and bookies. If only there was an easy way to track them all at once…

Introducing Packagetrackr, the new website that lets you do just what the name suggests—track all your packages coming and going this season.

Let's say you've got that leopard-print Snuggie on order for Granny from USPS, the box of Red Sox gear you FedEx'd your Yankees-loving cousin in New York, and a couple 12-packs from a Belgian monastery coming your way via DHL Global. Simply sign up for a free account and enter the tracking numbers from a list of over a dozen carriers.

From there you're able to view where in the world every package you care about is—at every stage. Packages in-transit are marked with a blue T; packages on their way out, a green O; and the freshly delivered items get a happy little red D (nothing relieves stress like the color red). You can even follow it on your iPhone or other mobile device when on the go.

Btw, we were joking about that Snuggie order. We know you're a Slanket person.

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