Get In the Ring

Your New Anti-Establishment Phone

Your reputation as a trendsetter in the field of wireless technology has long been revered (we've read the books).

But sometimes you feel like taking a break from all that continuous pioneering. Hearken back to a simpler time with the firmly-rooted-in-yesterday YUBZ TALK mobile phone receiver.

The sturdy, classic handset, with a spiral cord that plugs directly into your cell phone (unless your specific model requires an adapter), might initially remind you of Grandmother's house, but there are some practical qualities worth considering.

Inching along in the 101 traffic, you'll feel superior as your hands-free relic nestles comfortably in your shoulder—while the frazzled agent trainee in the next lane accidentally drops his skinny iPhone into his triple soy latte. At your next power-lunch round table, when everyone else thinks their ("new") phone is the one doing the ringing, you'll be the one who breezily puts out a fire back at the office with unexpected flair.

Colors range from subtle white to the-president's-calling red to bold yellow—which might bring out the subtle stripes in your tie as you strut coolly toward the elevators, YUBZ receiver at your hip.

Take that, Jobs.


YUBZ TALK mobile receiver
1353 Abbot Kinney Blvd
(at California)
Venice Beach, CA,

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