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UD - PupilTube You're a smart one.

And in spite of your unusually high IQ and wide-ranging skill set, you're always on the lookout for ways to gain a little extra know-how. Especially when it's gleaned by shirking your duties at work.

Which brings us to PupilTube.com, a start-up instructional-video aggregator courtesy of the Netherlands.

Underneath the campy cartoon character and odd color scheme, you'll find a vast ocean of videos waiting to be the reason you're not returning emails or answering your phone. Some are useful when you want to know how to clone a Big Mac, while some will come in handy when you're packing that suitcase for your business trip to China (a conservative tie is best, believe it or not).

And some are just plain silly. Learn "How to Speak Like a Pirate" (filmed in a '70s classroom video motif), then observe a Japanese cooking tutorial as narrated by an English-speaking poodle (it speaks with a Japanese accent, naturally).

The content is sourced from YouTube, HowCast, Expert Village and individual how-to videos uploaded by users.

Which reminds us: if there was ever a time to pass on your wisdom for opening a wine bottle with your shoe, this is it.

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