Michael Toschi Pop-Up Store

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Handmade Italian Shoe Store Opens

We're not saying that the shoes make the man, exactly.

But we've always believed that with a good pair, you can get away with a little more.

So we thought you'd want to know that the cobbler to celebs like Michael Jordan and Jack Nicholson has opened up his very first brick-and-mortar store, right here in Embarcadero One.

Introducing the Michael Toschi Pop-Up Store, housing his entire collection of meticulously handcrafted Italian shoes, belts and jackets.

Look for the red Ducati in the corner window two doors down from On the Fly. The store is reminiscent of a luxe boutique you'd find off a side street in Rome, and inside you'll easily find a shoe for every need in your multifaceted life. There are classic wingtips and lace-ups for business-making, slip-ons for lounge-making and track shoes for lovemaking (really—it's the traction).

For kicking around on the weekends, check out the London boot, which Tom Cruise wore in Minority Report. And if you thought you'd never find appropriate footwear for your office combo drag show/holiday party, you've been proven wrong by the lapis-blue soled split-toe Berta (any man who will name a shoe "Berta" is okay by us).

You'll also want to check out his cult-following golf shoes—MJ owns one of every pair, and Jack is a fan.

The traction isn't bad on those, either.


Michael Toschi Pop-Up Store
One Embarcadero Center
(at Front)
San Francisco, CA, 94111

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