Professor You

Your Knowledge, Monetized

UD - Knowledge Genie Over the years, you've acquired a fair amount of valuable knowledge. 

Like which wine pairs best with Kobe beef. Who played Bernie in Weekend at Bernie's. How to crash a state dinner at the White House.

And now, it's time to find out just how valuable it really is…

Welcome to Knowledge Genie, a new site that helps you teach (and profit from) your own online course in whatever you want, in beta now.

In short, it's the tenure and prestige you've always wanted, only without the pesky PhD work, and on the Internet. Start by picking your area of expertise—scotch connoisseurship, for example, or how to say, "Come here often?" in up to 55 languages. Then, you'll begin customizing your class (called a "Genie") with basics like a schedule (weekly online tastings, say), a strenuous review process ("log in once a week to tell us how you liked your scotch") and maybe a cool logo (we're thinking the Yale Bulldog, but with a mustache).

Then, you'll fill out a course description (try and sound like you know what you're talking about) and send email invites to prospective students, or just post the class online and see who shows up. (Hello, Tri-Delts.) And because nothing complements learning like a little cold-hearted capitalism, you'll want to consider charging tuition.

What merits an athletic scholarship is up to you.

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