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A Little Goodfellas in Midtown

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Little Italy.

It used to be a place where your red sauce came with a healthy side of vice, Peronis, tough guys, bookies, cannolis, guys named Joey the Whale and women like Carla Three Times.

As you read this, you should know…it's back.

And it's in midtown. Welcome to the East Side Social Club, an old-school dining room, cocktail lounge and dimly lit hangout, opening Monday where you need it most, Midtown.

Opened by the classic-obsessed folks behind Employees Only and Macao Trading Company (in addition to our favorite scenester/lensman Patrick McMullan), ESSC is the kind of joint you would expect to see Pesci in throwing back Blood and Sands in Goodfellas—two rooms full of dark wood, dim vintage lights, large red-and-black-checkered floor tiles and photographs of horse racing, DiMaggio and other things you would bet on.

Kick things off in the front bar room with some powerful cocktails (like the cucumber vodka-based Upper East Side) and then sort out a booth where you and your associates can dig into some Gnocchi Bolognese and get down to business (we won't ask).

And like any good new/old Italian hangout, they plan to open up at 6:45am and close down at 4am, thus serving as a critical spot should you need a hideaway in a pinch to gather your thoughts and sip an Americano or late-night Bellini.

Just don't ask what happens from 4am to 6:45am...

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