No Bunk! No Junk!

With the Band

Exclamation Points Await You

UD - No Bunk! No Junk! When you really fall hard, the object of your affection can do no wrong.

Even if they get a little carried away with the exclamation points.

With that in mind, today we'd like to tell you that Band of Outsiders, your favorite go-to line for impeccable modern classics, has gone and produced a limited-edition collection you'll want to investigate immediately—even if it's called No Bunk! No Junk! It's now available in Beverly Hills.

Think of this as a way to add a bit of dapper Americana to your office days and out-of-office nights, whether you're on a motorcycle or at a premiere. (Or on a motorcycle on your way to a premiere.) There's a crisp tuxedo shirt with black piping, a perfect plaid button-down and a badass leather jacket, slim and immaculate. And the black suit made of corduroy has arrived just in time for your screening of the corduroy-suited Fantastic Mr. Fox.

About the only thing missing is color—everything here is black and white. The good thing about that: it all goes together.

And since it's the product of an exclusive collaboration between Band of Outsiders and Barneys, you can only find it at the Beverly Hills megastore.



No Bunk! No Junk!
by Band of Outsiders for Barneys
9570 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA, 90212

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