The Passenger

Den of Gin

The Gibson's Understated Little Brother

UD - The Passenger Secrets—keeping them, leaking them—are currency in this town.

From whip counts to earmarks to…new boozy hideouts for one-on-one lobbying, information is power. And we've got a little info for you: The Passenger, the first-ever joint venture by brothers Derek (The Gibson) and Tom (formerly of Cork) Brown, is set to open tonight.

We got a sneak peek last night, so we're here to tell you what to expect from the Iggy Pop–inspired, rough-and-ready watering hole, by the numbers...

Beers on tap: 4
Beers in cans: 15
Beers in cans with Porkslap in their name: 1
Number of cocktails on the menu: 2
Number of cocktails on the menu called the Sherry Flip that come in a pitcher: 1
Dim light fixtures: 11
Dark corners for aforementioned one-on-one lobbying: 7
Naked light bulbs hanging from the ceiling by wires: 1
Naked women hanging from the ceiling by wires: 0 (yet)
Approximate date of the wood floors: 1890
Tiny holes in said floor that look down to the basement: 12
Number of legislative aides you could host at the best seats in the house, the booths in the front windows: 8
Hot dogs on the menu: 2
Hot dogs on the menu topped with kimchi: 1
Posted opening time: 5pm
Actual opening time: 4:45pm
Stages at the back of the bar: 1
Yet-unnamed plays expected to be shown later this year: 1
Likelihood that a stage actress from the mystery play will share a Sherry Flip with you: 79.6%

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