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Your New Stock Market for Playoff Tickets

UD - OptionIt Down on Wall Street, the week's first opening bell has just been rung.

And while it's still early, we think we have some good news: tonight's Ravens game is looking like a strong buy.

Welcome to OptionIt, finally bringing the world of complex financial derivatives to the world of ticket scalping, helping you buy (and sell) options that could get you into big events (or just some supplementary income), online now.

Think of it as (perfectly legal) ticket scalping, but on a whole new (highly leveraged) level. Start by buying up assets, in the form of "options" for upcoming matchups—the first round of the NFL playoffs, say, or the Celts titanic clash against the Grizzlies. You'll pay a small percentage of a ticket's face value, and then prepare to reap the benefits—either financially, or with tickets to the big game. 

Your options will increase or decrease in value depending on the team's performance—think of it as a kind of market fluctuation. You'll decide whether you want to "exercise your option" by going to the match (and buying your ticket at face value).

Or go for the more intriguing option: sell. Negotiate a price with another OptionIt user—and if the Sharks are on a hot streak, you could be looking at Goldman Sachs-level dividends.

The site has partnerships with a handful of teams (with more coming in the next month), and next year will branch out into concert tickets, hotel rooms and even gadgets.

We'd think twice about investing in Lady Gaga.

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