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B Sharp

An Underground Speakeasy at the Betsy

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UD - B Bar You've heard the rumors.

You've seen packs of covert revelers discreetly excuse themselves to use the restrooms at BLT Steak, only to emerge hours later, soused and avoiding eye contact.

So we ventured down the wood-paneled staircase in the lobby and here's what we found: there's a secret bar in town called B-Bar, and it's in the basement of the Betsy Hotel.

Now, technically this subterranean den of cocktail pleasure is not even open yet. And technically we're not even supposed to know what drinks are on offer (Key Lime Gimlet, B-Bar Daiquiri, Chili Caipirinha).

And theoretically, the only way you'll get a glimpse of the plush interiors outfitted with low-slung burgundy velvet couches, a wall of flat-screens and an elevated DJ booth is if you're invited to one of the private parties going on there during Art Basel, or until the place officially opens in mid-December.

But we also have it on good authority that the semi-concealed space is accessible to hotel guests on the weekends, which leaves you only one option for a way in.

Romance a hotel guest.


Lobby Bar
at the Betsy
1440 Ocean Dr
Miami Beach, FL, 33139

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