Whisky in the Jar

The Birth of the Whisky Cookie

UD - Hazelnut Chocolate Whisky Sandwich Liquor has a long and storied history of dessert invasion, from rum balls and baked Alaska to the majesty of the scotch chocolate bar.

And since we fashion ourselves students of this rich and illustrious history, allow us to present the next entrant in this great and proud family of saucy sweets: it's called the Hazelnut Chocolate Whisky Sandwich, and yes, you should be very, very afraid.

If you're thinking this is another gimmick meant to draw scotch enthusiasts to the sweet side, well, you're right. But we can attest that this little monster packs an actual, boozy punch. The first thing that will immediately hit you is the Dewar's—the cookie is practically washed in it. We're talking two, crumbly chocolate-chip hazelnut cookies holding court around a clump of Madagascar chocolate infused with scotch.

While the Brooklyn sweetmongers behind these little suckers sell their other treats at Dean & Deluca, you're probably best to order up a six-pack online and try them out in the privacy of your own home before deciding who deserves these as a gift this season.

Besides you, of course.


Hazelnut Chocolate Whisky Sandwich Cookies

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