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Your First Look at Woodward

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There was a time in our country's infancy when heading out for several pints of ale involved long evenings spent in taverns built right into a friend's home. It's a legacy few have paid tribute to.

Until now, that is.

Welcome to the Woodwarda two-floor throwback saloon built right into the brand-new Ames Hotel in Downtown Crossing, opening next Friday. Brought to you by nightlife kingpin Seth Greenberg—of Mistral fame and M-80 infamy—it's your newest watering hole to embrace the rustic spirit of our revolutionary forebears (with none of the scurvy).

Upon arrival, you'll want to head straight upstairs and sink into one of the leather-cushioned thrones at the upstairs bar, or better yet claim land on the couch (you're going to want to stay a while) in front of the corner fireplace for outstanding views of the Old State House and Custom House clock tower to go with your Short Rib Pot Roast.

Feel free to savor the moment, as well as the excellently named Ames Addiction, a raucous cocktail made with 23-year-old rum, Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur and vermouth. But as you drink in the surrounding old-world vibe, don't leave without sampling one of their Smuttynose-brewed Woodward Ale growlers, which by our drinking math is the best way to go.

And by math we mean: ale + large jug = more ale in you.


1 Court St
(at the Ames)
Government Center
Boston, MA, 02108


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