Ice Age

Your New Boozy Ice Skating Rink

UD - Chill School taught you that water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

But in LA, where things have always been done a bit differently, we put it at the low 70s.

Welcome to your new favorite booze-soaked ice-skating rink Chill, launching Sunday where you'd usually find the outdoor swimming pool at the W Hotel.

You'll want to bundle up—or just leave on your T-shirt—to enter this not-so-blustery, sun-baked winter wonderland. Once you've made your way through the lobby and out onto the pool deck, you'll find the water covered with a synthetic hybrid ice. (They say it's better for the environment than the real stuff—though, sadly, this eliminates the need for a mini-Zamboni.)

Rent some skates or bring your own, and if you need to fuel up for your triple salchows, grab a blanket, pull out your sunblock and wait for your Roasted Tomato Soup With Three-Cheese Panini to arrive, alongside a S'mores Tart With Star Anise Honey and Chocolate Sauce. And, of course, you'll want a round or two of Spiked Pumpkin Lattes or Adult Hot Chocolates.

The rink is open until 10pm every night, so it's a good way to inject a little faux Rockefeller Center romance into your Westside date night.

If you squint your eyes, those palm trees look like Norway spruces…


at the W
930 Hilgard Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90024

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