King Pong

The Season's Best Beer Pong Documentary

UD - Last Cup Every once in a while, a piece of sports cinema comes along and changes the way you look at life—Chariots of Fire, Hoosiers…Semi-Pro.

This is not one of those movies. But it's still pretty good.

Welcome to Last Cup, an earth-shattering documentary about the sport of kings—that would be beer pong—screening around the country now.

Imagine a combination of The King of Kong (which tracked two of the world's best Donkey Kong players) and Apocalypse Now (with fewer battles and more beer-pong). From the first interview subject—a balding, cardigan-wearing old professor who happens to be one of the game's originators—you'll find yourself engrossed in a sport you might usually associate with guys in Ed Hardy shirts and backward visors. (Okay, there are one or two of those, too.)

But after you nestle into your leather-bound couch, light up your trusty pipe and crack open a microbrew (which you then pour a tiny amount of into a plastic cup for solidarity), let yourself get sucked into the tale of four top players at the annual World Series of Beer Pong tournament (now held in Vegas), including a Jonah Hill doppelgänger dubbed "Iceman" and a professional beer-pong player (seriously) from Hoboken. And then there's Tone, from New Jersey—despite (or maybe because of) his penchant for removing his shirt, you'll find yourself rooting against him.

In the fictionalized version, expect him to be played by Tracy Morgan.

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