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Meeting Halfway: There's an App for That

UD - Meet Me Meeting in the middle is an art. 

Which is why you'd never be one to say, "Your place or mine" right off the bat.

And why you'll want to know about Meet Me, a clever iPhone app that helps you pick just the right rendezvous point between two places.

You've been known to kill the better part of a workday figuring out where to meet someone without dislocating one of the parties too far from his or her range of comfort (identifying an appropriate 15.7-block-equidistant destination point takes time, dammit). Now, Meet Me, an app that fuses Yelp reviews with Google maps, can help increase your productivity by doing this dirty work for you.

Here's how it works: you're golfing over near Stonestown, your soon-to-be-date is at brunch in Russian Hill, and you both plan to meet up for some acupuncture and vodka shooters (and not necessarily in that order). Plug in your locale and hers, select "nightlife" from a range of 20 categories, tap "bars" and a list of midpoints will appear. Categories range from the typical "restaurants" and "arts and entertainment" to the more esoteric but still helpful "flowers and gifts," "gun/rifle ranges" and "urgent care" (for planning those slightly more…eventful outings).

You'll get Little Shamrock among your results for each search. Select your pick, then hit "meet me here" which sends her an email of the location and directions.

Of course, you might pick her up anyway.

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