Beyond the Sea

A Pirate's Tour of the South Pacific

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Every year around this time, between the texts and emails, you begin to hear a familiar siren's song, beckoning you forth…to the sea.

We advise you to give in—the only question, really, is how you get there.

Allow us to make an unorthodox suggestion: the pirate ship.

Specifically, Remote Land's Komodo Yachting Trips, a tour of the Indonesian sea in a private schooner that's equal part Four Seasons and Somalian pirate vessel, booking voyages now.

You'll start by plane-hopping your way through a few increasingly remote tropical centers—first Singapore, then Bali, then Flores Island—before you finally set eyes on the ship, a 130-foot schooner made entirely of teak (give or take a few flat-screens), where you'll spend most of the next seven days. Instead of a pool, you've got a whole ocean at your disposal—along with a pair of sun-soaked hammocks hanging from the central mast, where you can dry off. And if the sun isn't intoxicating enough, you can always head below deck to sample from the onboard wine cellar.

If you and your first mate are seeking a little privacy, you'll have miles of coral reef— not to mention a few dozen idyllic desert islands—to explore. Or head west to scale an active volcano in Sangeang, stare down a few dragons in Komodo, or just focus on sport-fishing your way into a little grilled marlin.

And if you want to throw in a little light piracy, we certainly won't tell.

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