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You might want to sit down for this one.

Actually, you're probably already sitting down, so we'll just tell you:

The Spotted Pig has a new little brother, and it's full up of meat, martinis and the kind of grand, vintage decor that makes you want to consume spirits and savory treats with reckless abandon.

And we're certainly not going to stop you…

Welcome to the world of The Breslin. It's at the Ace Hotel. It's owned by Pig honchos Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield. And it's opening up for events this weekend and full blast soon after that, just in time for your big night out.

Think of the Breslin as the magical love child of the Spotted Pig, the Jane Ballroom and Campbell Apartment—everything about the high-ceilinged restaurant feels grand and old, in a vintage British-pub kind of way. There are dark-green leather booths, unfinished wood floors, butcher paper covering the tables and a two-story-high ceiling that's been pulled back to its original, fading 1904 glory.

If you're on a date, you'll want to grab one of the curtain-enclosed booths to keep things private—just hit the button on the wall to summon your server when the lust for scotch trumps the lust for your date.

Otherwise, situate yourself on the mezzanine for a view of the meat-aging room, or near the glass wall that looks out on the Ace lobby—if a steady stream of hipsters and leggy fashionistas is your scenery of choice.

As with the Spotted Pig, there are no reservations—except for one impressive 12-person table. It's meant for family-style feasts on legs of lamb and whole suckling pigs.

Bringing 11 other people is optional.

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