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Let's face it: Colorado is a long way off.

And up until now your list of high-end downtown restaurants combining ski-lodge cool with an urban locale has been decidedly blank, no matter how far down the Green Line you've traveled (turns out it doesn't extend to the Rockies).

Enter Post 390, opening this Saturday and bringing you all the glory of toasting life in an Aspen tavern, with the bonus of being a little closer to home.

Located where a Post Office once sat (hence the name), Post is where you'll go when you feel like exploring two full floors of urban tavern-ness (brought to you by the rustic folks behind Grill 23 and Harvest), complete with upstairs and downstairs bars, private rooms, a fireplace lounge, chef's table and corner views of Copley Plaza and Trinity Church.

As you'd expect, they've got plenty of whiskey selections and beers here to go with your Lobster Pot Pie, but don't leave without trying the house-brewed root beer. Order it traditional-style (on its own, in a glass), or find it in the sweet barbecue sauce that's slathered on your St. Louis Ribs, compliments of two enormous in-house smokers.

Think of it as Colorado, by way of Missouri.

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