The Return of the Mac

Late Night Mac and Cheese in Soho

We've got nothing against sitting. In fact, we're doing it right now.

But when a late evening of merrymaking and cocktailing turns into a search for food, we prefer something savory, fast and chair-optional. Preferably with an unseemly quantity of melted cheese and noodles involved.

Introducing MacBar, a pint-size to-go shrine to the cheesiest of late-night cravings, opening tomorrow next to late-night juggernaut Delicatessen.

It's everything you're used to in a late-night refueling stop, but served up faster, creamier and...more lobster-y. Work your way past the al fresco crowd of runway models and social deviants at Delicatessen, under the glowing noodle above the door, and your reward is a plastic noodle-shaped bowl full of a crumbless, buttery rendition of everyone's favorite pasta. You can stop by the condiment bar for a few splashes of buttermilk ranch sauce, pepper flakes or a sprinkling of their genius bacon-and-breadcrumb mix, but make it quick—the space is small enough (only a single leather bench) that you'll want to take this dish on the road.

If you're craving something beyond the usual Gouda, they're serving up a frighteningly accurate mac-and-cheese version of a basil-topped pizza (the Margarita Mac), along with an Angus-equipped cheeseburger bowl for beefeaters. And if you're craving a Delicatessen lobster roll but don't want to park it next door, you can get the same fresh lobster (the two spots share a kitchen) baked into the Mac Lobsta'.

You have our permission to pronounce the "r."


54 Prince St
(at Lafayette)
New York, NY, 10012


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