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Sometimes you need to go somewhere sacred. A place where you can bare your soul, take a good hard look at your sins and seek redemption.

Free-flowing stout would also help.

Say hello to Waxy O'Connor's, a new Dublin-style cathedral of beer and corned beef, opening near Brickell this Friday.

The sibling to the South Beach tavern of the same name, this cavernous sequel (which the owners are dubbing Waxy's on the River) is less post-frat watering hole and more polished beer den/church.

When we say the decor is authentic here, we mean it—the owners designed and built the carved wood moldings and furniture in Ireland, then had them shipped and assembled in-house. The dark brown enclosed booths are straight out of a Frank McCourt memoir, while the beers come from Ireland (Smithwick's, Guinness) as well as Belgium (Chimay), Holland (Heineken), Denmark (Carlsberg), England (Newcastle) and the U.S. (Brooklyn Lager)—plenty to keep you busy as you roam the massive 40-seat bar.

And you'll also want to order something from the menu—they've got all the classics (Bangers and Mash with sausages imported from the motherland, Corned Beef and Cabbage), plus a slew of Key West wild cards like Conch Fritters and Grouper Ceviche.

In other words, your prayers have been answered.

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