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Boar Hunting in Tuscany

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Civilization and technology have come a long way: we've got penicillin, the sidecar, and miniskirts. But sometimes you just want to hunt, cook and eat something—preferably something with tusks.

And if you could do it in Tuscany, even better.

Introducing Traditional Wild Boar Hunting in the woods near the Borgo Santo Pietro, an armed encounter with some of Tuscany's most delicious wildlife, taking reservations now.

It's the classic struggle of man vs. boar, played out the same way it has for millennia...give or take a few modern conveniences like rifles. You'll set out in the morning with 150 fellow hunters, led by a master boar tracker who'll spend the next few hours following hoofprints and directing you to the perfect boar-spotting location. Once you find your quarry, you'll compete with the rest of the group for a clean shot, with sweet, sweet boar meat as your reward.

To join in, you'll have to bring your own rifle—you can get a few pointers from the concierge or your local consulate if you're worried about getting it across the border—but then the world is your boar preserve. And when you head back to the hotel in the evening, you can settle into the pool, catch some of that Tuscan sun in the herb garden or, if you were lucky enough to nab a few trophies, pick up your freshly cleaned, oven-ready boar.

No, it doesn't taste a bit like chicken.


Traditional Wild Boar Hunting at the Borgo Santo Pietro
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