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Sweet Jane

A New, Legal High (in a Bottle)

UD - Mary Jane's Relaxing Soda Your life is stress.

Deadlines. Projects. Meetings. Meetings about meetings. About projects. About deadlines. 

So every now and then, when things get really heavy, you find yourself longing for certain forms of relief—ones that clearly serve an important medicinal purpose, but might not be quite legal in certain states.

Just so you're clear, we're not suggesting anything but this new little drink called Mary Jane's Relaxing Soda, a new (and legal) form of bottled stress relief.

Imagine, if you will, a frosty pilsner that gets you mellow, but doesn't give you a hangover. Or another type of stimulation—like one, say, that you might find in Snoop Dogg's luggage. Now we don't want to say this tasty brew fully lives up to those heady promises—because what could?—but we can say this: it manages to both clear your head and produce something like euphoria, thanks to a secret ingredient known as Kava extract. In other words, you won't just feel relaxed, you'll experience the kind of pleasure that only an ancient ritual can deliver—after all, the stuff has been fueling certain Pacific Island ceremonies for millennia. 

And while it doesn't match the taste of your other favorite bottled beverage (Cristal, naturally), it does go down like a fizzy, slightly sweetened iced tea.

Spike at your own discretion.

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