Party Ride

Your New Designated Driver

You've got the arriving-home-in-one-piece thing down (you're a genius when it comes to lifting your arm for a cab).

But in some places, like, say, the taxi-deficient Hamptons, late-night travel can still be a bit dicey. (See: Lizzie Grubman.) Which is why we were pleased to hear about Lilybug Scooters (really, they're tougher than they sound).

Just launched, Lilybug is all about bringing safety to partying in the Hamptons (a noble mission if we've ever heard one). The process works like so: Drive to your destination and indulge in a few drinks like the carefree individual that you are. When you're ready to call it a night, phone Lilybug and they'll dispatch a driver on a collapsible scooter to meet you. Upon arrival, the driver will fold up the compact motorbike, place it in a duffel bag and slide it into your car trunk. Then he'll take your car keys, drive you and your party home and (this is the most picturesque part) scooter off into the night. (Cost: $30-$75, depending on distance.)

You can also book one of Lilybug's 22 scooters in advance, and on weekends they'll have a few stationed outside clubs like Pink Elephant, Dune, Star Room and Stereo. You might even consider hiring Lilybug for your own private events to ensure your guests get a safe ride home.

Because who doesn't love a man with his own...personal army of scooters.


Lilybug Scooters

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