Seems Like Old Times

Mayhem and Hot Wings Return to Diversey

You've never had any problem going all night. It's just a lot easier when you're teamed with an old friend…

Well, look who just rolled back into town: Yak-Zies. The legendary lair of mayhem and hot wings makes a triumphant return on Saturday, two years to the day after it began an arduous stint in bar rehab. We thought you'd appreciate the world's first peek at the result…

You'll still find Yak-Zies where it's been for four decades, a half-floor beneath sidewalk level, in the basement of an imposing Diversey mansion that's like Castle Grayskull without the curb appeal.

After you stumble in, exhausted after a hard day at your satellite office (1060 W. Addison), you'll find it's still the tiny place you remember, but things have gone all comfy on you: 22-inch TVs at every table, stately blown-glass pendant lights above the booths, and more granite and cherrywood than your average three-flat condo conversion.

Okay, you're starting to worry. A respectable bathroom and ample seating's well and good, but those hot wings better be right where you left them. Relax, they are: you'll find the menu hasn't changed at all, and more importantly, neither have the hours. It's still open until 4am, and 5am on Saturday.

Good, because you have a lot of catching up to do.


506 W. Diversey Pkwy
Chicago, IL, 60614

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